Danish operators

All Danish radio amateurs are invited to participate in the celebration so we are many different operators.
The call signs are fluid and will move around most of Greenland and Denmark. So you could meet xx9Øedr as QRO or QRP station with super directional antennas or with limited wire antennas.  
You now have a chance to make QSOs in special digital modes and you could make skeds with some of the operators to test modulation schemes, propagation or other things.
Some operators like to participate in Contests and you will be able to meet the call signs in one of these. We surely appreciate a report and a number.
On this page you will find a list with all active operators and you have the opportunity to make a sked and get a new QSO for your Award or for a QSL card.  
If you have had several contacts with us you can apply for our special award. Read the rules on the page for Award.  
Do you want our QSL card then take a look on the page about QSL to see how you easily can receive our card. As the activities are scattered across Greenland and Denmark, we do not have one fixed QTH and there will be no locator written on our QSL cards.

List of danish operators

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Call First name
OZ6GH Gorm
OZ8AGB Michael
OZ8SW steen
OZ9AU Allan
OZ9GA Torben
OZ9HMN Heine

Displaying 21–27 of 27 

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